Warm trend: volume scarf

Winter is on the doorstep, it’s time to turn to your wardrobe up for what you can comfortably wrap myself. Oversize scarf for this great. Especially because he – one of the most important things of the season. Voluminous scarf can change the image, make it richer, and give that same flavor. Let’s see what combinations create mods from different countries and fantasize over, what else can you combine the volume scarf…

In the autumn-winter collections of some brands were simply giant scarves. They are warm and cozy, but they are not very convenient to move … However, many really love to wrap myself in a scarf, like a blanket.

I offer you a selection of images in bulk scarves and shawls and stoles. Inspire, invent their own images. According to archaeological excavations, the first evidence that people already wore scarves, there were about two thousand years ago. And it is not hard to guess that the country where they were, was China – the famous terracotta army warriors one and all “worn” scarves. “But the word itself -” scarf “- has German roots.

Scarf – incredibly functional element of the wardrobe, because with it, apart from the throat salvation can as a way to express their religious, political, aesthetic views.

Today, we turn again to this wonderful accessory (as well recall that the portal takes photo contest my favorite winter scarf) and evaluate some of its variations that represent celebrities.